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Welcome to Charlesgate Suites and be transported back to the Gilded Age splendor of Boston’s Back Bay. This iconic neighborhood itself was born from an ambitious feat of civil engineering in the mid to late 19th century – the filling in of tidal flats and marshes to create new land for orderly rows of elegant brownstone buildings and tree-lined boulevards evocative of Paris.

Originally built in 1895 as a luxurious single-family townhome, the stately brick rowhouse that is now Charlesgate Suites epitomizes the classical revival style that defined this “Paris of New England.”

The Great Depression and newly accessible suburban land led to urban decay. Like many Back Bay residences, this building fell into foreclosure in 1937. In 1950 the home converted into a multi-unit dwelling. Decades later in 1997, our family and partners reimagined the building as the Gryphon House, a charming 9-room bed and breakfast.

After 25 years of dedicated stewardship, in 2023, we renamed our beloved Gryphon House to Charlesgate Suites, marking a turning point for this historic gem. Undergoing a revitalization journey, we’ve breathed new life into the property. Collaborating with a local interior designer and featuring furnishings predominantly from West Elm, we’ve meticulously crafted cosmetic updates and introduced urban furnishings. The result is a seamless blend of contemporary comfort and timeless elegance, inviting you to immerse yourself in the charm of our historic abode. Each corner whispers tales of bygone elegance, now rejuvenated for the modern traveler.